Call for Papers

The Islamic World is going through a momentous phase of change and transition. This shift is characterized by fallen regimes and political systems, and general policies being rethought or reshaped. However, the relationships and interdependencies between the Orient and the Occident have been growing considerably even before the so-called “Arab Spring”. In fact, Middle Eastern countries have obtained a key position on the world stage decades ago due to their significant geopolitical position, their economic resources and perspectives. Rich in diversity and heritage, the Middle East today keeps evolving faster than any other part of the world.

Guided by this awareness and founded as an initiative by the Center for Islamic and Middle Eastern Legal Studies (CIMELS), the Electronic Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law (EJIMEL) individuates itself by laying a special focus on the multifaceted relations between Islam and national and international law orders over the course of time and from different points of view. Furthermore, EJIMEL aims to contribute to the on-going highly topical debates of regional and global interest in the field of Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, such as, e.g., Process of Democratization, Gender and Human Rights. The editor’s aim is to foster a vivid debate focusing on the correlation between Islam as a religion with a distinct body of legal norms and the paramount principles and guarantees of current international law under the aspects of conflict, competition and complement.

The Editors therefore cordially invite both recognized authorities and younger experts in law, as well as related disciplines, and legal practitioners to take part in this discourse by submitting papers dealing with Middle Eastern and Islamic law from a variety of perspectives, and hence reflect Islam’s variety itself. We further encourage scholars to present interdisciplinary research in which law, both Shari’a and secular, is brought face to face with not strictly legal disciplines such as social and political sciences, religion and economics, in order to further a comprehensive understanding of the simultaneity of persistence and change in the area of Islamic and Middle Eastern law in a wider context.

EJIMEL welcomes a wide range of unpublished scholarly submissions such as articles, commentaries, reports on contemporary developments, book reviews, judgments as well as notes on recent legislation, case law and guidelines on future changes from the targeted law orders.

Please, use our online submission tool in order to submit your paper. Your contribution should not be before any other journal for consideration. EJIMEL is a fully open access journal and does not ask for any publication fees.